Vamana Dhauti or Vomiting


This is done either empty stomach or after the meals. The former is the stomach wash by means of vomiting and the latter is the gargling for the throat wash. Vomiting is done early in the morning when the stomach is empty. Drink eight or nine glasses full of water, or enough so that it backs up into the throat. This will create a feeling of nausea making it easy to empty the stomach of its entire contents. In the beginning, in order to completely evacuate the stomach, one has to massage the root of the tongue with the fingers. After practice it becomes possible to empty the stomach voluntarily by churning or squeezing the stomach.


Gargling is meant to wash the throat for its through cleaning after every meals. Take a mouthful of water. Raise the head so that you could look at the sky or the roof. Produce the gargling sound in the throat and then throw out the water. Repeat it four times.



  • First practice is highly effective in preventing most of the common ailments like ordinary fevers, skin-boils, bad throat, constipation, headache, loss pf appetite and drowsiness.
  • Second practice prevents bad throat, foul smell and to some extent benefits the eye-sight also.

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    This is me Dharmendra Puri. I am currently studying in London. I m from Nepal . There is one of the branches of Yog Sadhan Ashram and i got chance to take the training programme of Hath Yoga and Asans in NEPALGUNJ. I really miss it at the moment. I found very healthy and prosperous feeling when i did yoga. I always do pranam to Shree Prabhu ji Ramlaal heartly as i am his devotee. I miss always my teachers who taught me . YOGA is great idea to cure any desease.

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