Nadi Shudhi Pranayama

It is for cleansing of the nadis of body, which is of the utmost importance in Hatha Yoga, because only after cleansing nadis the prana can enter the central way, which awakens the Kundalini. This Pranayama has three parts namely –


  1. Puraka (breathing in)
  2. Kumbhaka (holding in)
  3. Rechaka (exhaling)


First the Puraka: Close right nostril with the thumb of right hand and breathe in from the left nostril.


Kumbhaka: Hold the breathe taken in puraka comfortably by closing the left nostril as well with the help of right finger and small finger of the right hand.


Rechaka: After holding the breath, exhale slowly through right nostril by removing the thumb from left nostril.


Now repeat the process by changing the nostril i.e., breathe in from the right nostril (puraka) do kumbhaka by holding the breath comfortably and do rechaka by breathing out slowly through the left nostril. In this way, repeat puraka, kumbhaka and rechaka from both the nostrils turn by turn.


The duration of kumbhaka should be four times of the puraka and that of the rechaka should be twice the time taken in puraka, which means that if four seconds are taken to breathe in then hold for 16 seconds and exhale in eight seconds (1:4:2).


But it should be done comfortably; there should be no anxiety. It is harmful to hold the breath beyond ones capacity. In the beginning six kumbhakas three from each nostril are sufficient. The time of kumbhaka increases gradually with proper practice of Pranayama. With this the nadi chakra is cleaned and the prana vayu (air) enters the face of the Sushumna Nadi comfortably. When the prana vayu enters the Sushumna, the mind stabilizes and attains the deepest state of meditation, called samadhi (super conscious state of mind).

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