Dashamdwara – Sahasrara: Introduction and Location

In Yoga head is known as the most important part of body. It is the chief of all the parts. All the physical, mental and spiritual processes are undertaken here. All the prana-nadis (nerves) originate from here. All the parts of the body, rather every atom and molecule derives energy from this. Its weakness hampers the process of whole body and by strengthening it all physical and mental actions of life go on extremely systematically.


Sahasrara Chakra


In the scriptures of Yoga, knowing its importance the head has been given the top place above the shat chakras, and "Sahasrara dal kamal" (thousands of nadis) have been imagined here, which means that countless number of nadis originate from here. The light and color of this center is beyond description and the lord of this is the supreme power (Parbrahama), Who is greater than the creator of the universe. In the physical form Shri Sadguru (Yogi Guru) is enthroned here. It is located in the center of the skull and is called Dashamdwara.

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