Navadwara: Nine Openings

The nine openings of the body are generally known to everyone. These gates perform different processes of the body and help in gathering knowledge and discharging wastes. All these openings often remain open and keep doing their respective job themselves. These nine opening are two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, one mouth, rectum and genitals. the ears perform the hearing process and discharge some waste also from within. From eyes too the wastes come out and they see also. The nostrils also discharge enough waste and prana-vayu (breathing) and smelling processes are carried out. The mouth also discharges some wastes and carries out the processes of speech and eating food, and the organs for discharging urine and stool are main openings for discharging the wastes of the body. All these openings derive power from head only to carry out their respective functions.

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