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Pashni Mudra

Both the legs are taken behind the neck as tied in a net. Similarly tie the body strongly. It makes a person energetic, enhances strength and health (pushti).

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Panchdharana Mudra

This mudra is of five kinds:-

  1. Prithvi dharana Mudra (Earth element)
  2. Jala dharana Mudra (Water element)
  3. Agni dharana Mudra (Fire element)
  4. Vayavi dharana Mudra (Air element)
  5. Akashi dharana Mudra (Sky element)

All these are briefly explained here.

i) Prithvi dharana Mudra: The color of the earth element is yellow like turmeric. ‘Lakara’ is the seed of this element. With the help of yogic practice, concentrate by this seed, in the ‘Muladhara Chakra’. At the same time breathe in and while holding the breath for two hours (5 ghadi = 2 hours; 1 ghadi = 24 minutes) do not let the mind deviate. With this dharana the sadhaka gets no obstruction at all.

Note: (Holding of the breath for two hours is in such a way that the air is filled in with a deep breath and then not emptied completely but light breathing continues. It can be illustrated as a bucket is placed under a running tap; the water of the bucket gets replaced without emptying it. It is the same for all mudras where it is mentioned to hold breath for two hours).

ii) Jala dharana Mudra: The color of water element is white like conch and moon and it is beautiful like bright lotus. ‘Vakara’ is the seed of this and God Brahama resides here. With the help of a yogic practice concentrate on the group of the water element in ‘Swadhishthana Chakra’ and at the same time breathe in and stabilize in Kumbhaka pranayama for two hours. This mudra does away with the unbearable troubles and sins of the individual. (Breathe in with both nostrils).

iii) Agni dharana Mudra: The place of the fire element is the navel. Its color is bright red. ‘Rakar’ is the seed here and Vishnu is the God of the place. There is a group of radiant elements here. It is enlightening and begets divine powers. With the strength of yoga awaken this fire element here in the ‘Manipur Chakra’, do ‘Kumbhaka’ for two hours with a concentrated mind. With the practice of this mudra, the sadhaka gets rid of the worldly fears.

iv) Vayavi dharana Mudra: This air element is of ash-black color. ‘Yakar’ is the seed of this and Shiva is the God of the place Anahata Chakra. This element is satvagunamya (which bestows virtues). With the practice of yoga, while doing Kumbhaka  pranayama, concentrate on ‘Anahata Chakra’ for two hours. With the practice of this mudra, sadhaka can never die because of respiratory problems.

v) Akashi dharana Mudra: The sky is the element of this and its color is bright like pure sea water. The soul is the God of this place Vishudha Chakra, and ‘hakar’ is the seed of it. Meditate on this sky element by concentrating in ‘Vishudha Chakra’. Simultaneously, do Kumbhaka for two hours. This mudra opens the door to moksha or liberation.

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Shambhavi Mudra

Look in the center of the eyebrows or view both the eyebrows with stable sight, concentrate mind and realize the self (soul) there.

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Shaktichalani Mudra

The divine power Kundalini lies dormant in the Muladhar Chakra. This power is coiled in three and half circles in the shape of a snake at the bottom of spine. A person remains in ignorance as long as it remains dormant in body. For him it is difficult to differentiate between Satya and Asatya (truth and untruth) and the true knowledge cannot be attained even with all the efforts. Therefore, it is said that as we can enter a gate immediately after unlocking its doors with key, exactly the same way when the Kundalini awakens, the ‘Braham dwara‘ (divine gate) can be opened, which imparts the knowledge of the truth and untruth. This mudra is to be practiced in some secluded place. Sit in Siddhasana, breathe in from both the nostrils and forcefully unite Prana Vayu with the Apana Vayu.  Practice Aswini Mudra by contracting the rectum unless the air enters and brightens up in the Sushumna Nadi. In this way, by breathing and holding the breath, the snake shaped Kundalini wakes up and moves upwards. Without practicing the Shaktichalani mudra the Yoni mudra cannot be accomplished. Hence one should practice Shaktichalani mudra before the Yoni mudra. It can be achieved with regular practice and it does away with old age and one can attain control over the time of one’s death.

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Vajroni Mudra

Stabilize both hands on the ground and lift both the legs up (Vriksh Asana is the prerequisite for this mudra). Stand just on the hands keeping the arms straight, raise up the head also. This mudra enhances strength of the body and saves semen.

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Yoni Mudra

First of all sit in Siddhasana (posture), close the four openings that is ears, eyes, nose and mouth, with thumbs, index fingers, middle fingers and small fingers respectively of both the hands. It means cover the holes of ears with thumbs, eyes with both index fingers, and both nostrils with middle fingers and mouth is pressed with both the small fingers. Then Apana Vayu (air at rectum) is pulled up and united with Prana-Vayu. Thereafter concentrate on the Shat-Chakras. At the same time by the Guru mantra, awaken the snake like Kundalini Shakti. Raise the Kundalini to the Sahasrara Chakra and the sadhaka should feel as empowered and enjoying the company of Lord Shiva. With this mudra, one attains Samadhi very fast and he is liberated from deadlier sins also.

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Doing the Maha bandha first, then holding the air by kumbhaka pranayama do Uddiyan bandha, it is called mahabedha. Only those sadhakas who do this mahabedha including Maha bandha and Moola bandha, are known as the scholars of the best Yogic knowledge among the yogis. By doing this Mahabedha, yogis penetrate the Brahma Granthi (gland) through the passage of Sushumna (a central nerve that remains dormant in the spine).

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Maha Bandha

Sit in a state of Moola bandha and contract rectum and genitals by pulling up and raising the Apana Vayu (prana situated at rectum and discharge waste), to unite it with Samana Vayu (prana situated at navel responsible for digestion) and lower the Prana Vayu (air that keeps the heart and lungs working). With this the nectar of the group of the nerve centers of the yogis moves upwards to brain.

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Maha Mudra

Sit in a posture pressing the rectum with the heel of left foot, stretch the right leg forward and hold fingers of right foot with both hands. Then bend forward contracting the throat in and meditate in bhrikuti that is the center of eyebrows.  With sufficient practice of this mudra cough caused by tuberculosis, spleen, chronic fever etc. are cured.

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