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Sthala Basti

The simple Basti is termed as Jala Basti or Basti done with water. There is another kind called Sthala-Basti which is practiced without water as described as follows.


Sitting in “Pashchimottan” position, squeeze and expand the rectum muscles as in Ashvini Mudra. This practice removes constipation and improves digestion. It helps in removing the abdominal wind.

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Basti is the Yogic Enema. Sitting in the position of ‘Uta-kata-Asana’ in naval-deep water insert a wooden or metallic tube into the rectum. The tube should be about 4 inches long and of about 2/3” in diameter. It can be performed by using an ordinary nozzle from an enema bag and a bath tub full of water. Then do the ‘nauli’ and also do sucking by rectum muscles, the water would rise into the colon. The isolation of the recti muscles by the Nauli cerates a vacuum which sucks in water. When the breath is gone, withdraw the nozzle and rest a moment; then repeat the practice. Breathe as many times as it is convenient. When the colon is filled with water, by isolating the recti muscles and rolling them from left to right it is possible to move the water throughout the large intestine. Then go to ease yourself.


When it is time to remove the water, the abdominal muscles should be rolled from right to left. It is also helpful to roll the abdomen from the top downward; this will help to squeeze out what remains.


An advanced student can execute the Basti even without the aid of the nozzle, which is as follows :- Place the feet about one foot apart and assume a squatting position with the arms locked around the fixed knees. The purpose of this is to enable one to put forth the necessary muscular effort; so shift around until a comfortable position is found. While in this position, empty the lungs and force the rectum out as far as possible, then draw it in. This requires a strong muscular action. Once it is in while one is still in the original position and holding the breath, do Nauli. If the action is strong enough the anal sphincters will open and the water will rush in. By this time, the breath will be gone and it will be necessary to rest for a moment. The next time it will not be necessary to force the return out; it will be sufficient to draw it in and do nauli. Success is solely dependent upon perfection of Nauli and Ashvini Mudra. If one is unable to achieve success after executing all the movements, the sphincters may be opened by the fingers, which should be removed the movement the water begins to rush in.


The Basti should be practiced upon rising in the morning, before anything has been put into the stomach. One can find it expedient to include it as a part of one’s daily routine in order to assume a clean intestinal tract. All diseases caused by the disorders of the humours and also the diseases of the liver , the spleen and intestines as well as pile are cured by Basti. The Basti also purifies the blood and other constituents of the body. It pleases the mind and imparts a glow. It imparts perfect health.

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