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Daivi Sampt (Divine Wealth)

As described in Geeta:

  • Narbhayata – Fearlessness
  • Antahkaran ki shuddhi – Purity of heart
  • Dhyana Yoga ki dridh sthiti – Steadfastness in Knowledge and Yoga
  • Satvik daan mein pravriti – Almsgiving
  • Indriya Samyam – Control of the senses
  • Yagya (Pooja etc.) – Prayer etc.
  • Swadhyaya – Study of scriptures
  • Tap – Austerity
  • Saral sawabhav aur vayawhaar – Austerity and Straightforwardness
  • Ahimsa – Harmlessness
  • Satya – Truthfulness
  • Akrodh – Absence of anger
  • Tayag – Renunciation
  • Tez – Vitality
  • Kshama – Forgiveness
  • Shaush – External and Internal purity
  • Adroh – Absence of  hatred
  • Naatimanita – Absence of haughtiness or too much self esteem

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Daily Prayer


Hey Prabhuji, Thank you for helping me in the past. Please keep helping me in the future also. I need your help.


Please help me to remember you all the time. Please help me to server you all the time. Please increase my devotion for you.


Please forgive my mistakes. Please guide me, keep me away from troubles and keep me close to you. Please give good habits to me.


Please keep me happy and healthy. Please keep me united with my parents, brothers and sisters and You. Please give us all a happy peaceful family life. Please help me in my studies and make me a good student. Please make me a good Son/Daughter, Grandson/Granddaughter, Brother/Sister and Friend.


Thank you again, God. Please keep helping me. Please take care of me.




Anything you want God to help you in, say it in your own words.

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