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"There happen to be a Yogi in ages who asks nothing but HIM on being offered anything by GOD."


Yogeshwar Swami Shri Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj


Swami Shri Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj was born in 1898 A.D in the village Dilerpur Of Gurdaspur (Punjab, India). He was born in a simple family belonging to Arora Community. Lala Devidas was his father and Smt. Rattan Devi was his mother.


He was deeply touched by his experience of seeing his aunt dead. He pursued the unknown cause of birth and death by approaching and inquiring from saints and Mahatamas. From childhood he had Vairagya (renunciation) and he gave up play & pleasures in his early age. He had seriously set out to find a Yogeshwar and his search ended after meeting with Yogeshwar Prabhu Shri Ram Lal ji. HE initiated him into Yoga. As a result he was in deep Samadhi (trance) for ten long years. Without opening his eyes he would attend to all duties without any harm to himself and yet with perfection. His Satguru, Prabhu Shree Ram Lal ji Maharaj, himself had revealed that,


He was one with God and was a Yogi from Previous births.


After ten long years, the Satguru, Shri Ram Lal Ji Maharaj opened his eyes and directed him to teach Yoga and spread message of Yoga for the benefit of ailing humanity. Being blessed, Shri Swami Mulakh Raj Ji taught Yoga Abhyas (practice) to deserving sadhaks (pupils). He also bestowed them Dhyana (concentration in God) and Smadhi (trance).


As iron is attached to the magnet, rays of the sun are one with sun, the same way, Shri Swami Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj was always attached to Shri Prabhu Ram Lal Ji. After Shareer Leela Tyag (passing away of physical body) of Shree Prabhu Ram Lal Ji Maharaj in 1938 AD, he took charge of all Ashrams of Yoga as Pradhan Acharya (Chief-In-Charge). He became entirely busy in teaching and spreading Yoga.


He was always available to Bhaktas (disciples) in Yog Sadhan Ashram Chherrtta, Amritsar (Punjab, India), Kankhal (Haridwar, UP, India), Rishikesh (UP, India) and at Lahore. To Madras/Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) and Chandpur (UP, India), he toured and displayed great spiritual and Yogic Powers. Thus the Knowledge and practice of Yoga spread throughout the country. He fully demonstrated how ailments of the body, the mind and the soul could be overcome by practicing Yoga.


Many Bhaktas (disciples) achieved great yogic powers under his supervision. They further spread and still spreading the Yogic message and practice as per directions of the great divine saint, Shri Swami Mulakh Raj ji Maharaj.



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