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What Is Yoga
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What Is Yoga


Yogis are peculiar,
Whereas a common person moves foot, Yogis stands on the head;
Whereas ordinarily takes water, the Yogis throw off the ingested water;
Whereas ordinary human beings maintain there life by breathing, the Yogis lengthen their life by stopping the breath.


Nasti Yogat Param Balam
Yoga Power is Supreme


Yoga is a classical and scientific method for cultivating body, mind and intellect yoga is the science of healthy, fulfilled living and it is the philosophy teaching the sublime essence of man. Yoga is a process towards total harmony through re-integration and it is also the consumption of that process.


Conquest of the body, senses and mind consists in their complete subjugation and subordination. This can be achieved only through Yogic Kriyas.


Yoga is as old as the universe. It is based on the very nature of mind. On this planet it has been known from antiquity. Maharishi Patanjali formulated the classic Yoga Teachings in 196 sutras several centuries Before Christ. Education of Yoga is fast spreading in the world. There are lot of institutions world wide which are selling Yoga but in fact when you say that Yoga is an art of soul to communicate with the supreme soul, then money should not be a matter there for a tutor. Yoga is taught completely free of cost in all the branches of Yog Sadhan Ashram, Hoshiarpur.


There are five branches of Yoga (CLICK on the following LINKS to read in detail about them) -

In today's world, people are more money-conscious than being health-conscious. Human body is far more precious than only material things - it is source of MOKSHA. Today a machine usually receives more human-attention than the body. If a person wants to live a perfectly happy and healthy life, he should be health-conscious first. One should not forget that a good health primarily depends on a healthy being, a healthy mind, a healthy body and healthy surroundings, together with healthy co-ordination between being and mind, between mind and body, and between body and surroundings.


Core Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga develops will power and inner stamina besides longevity.

  • Yoga develops entire personality as a whole, and does not confine itself to any particular body part or to the building up to the body strength alone or bumper muscles at the cost of important body organ like heart, brain, lungs, etc.

  • Yoga can easily and safely be practiced with considerable ease by both young as well as old age-groups without involving much strain on their nerves, time and energy, or needing any monetary expense. It does not even require other participants as in games and sports.

  • Yoga tones up glands, both skeletal and viscera muscles, regularizes the functioning of various organs and correct organic and functional disorders ensuring vibrant health and lasting cure of chronic diseases.

  • Stress and strain today's major problems which can easily be tackled through concentration and meditation, Pranayama and relaxation, Yoga postures like Shava Asana, Padam Asana etc.

  • Yoga Stretching exercises such as Pashchimotan Asana, Sarap Asana, Dhanur Asana etc. greatly improve blood circulation and also the muscles tone of blood vessels.

  • Deep breathing in Pranayamas also have salutary effect on general health and vitality.



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